Earlier this year, WhatsApp rolled out a handy new feature allowing users to respond privately inside a group chat.

It means you can share certain information with just one recipient without alerting everyone else.

Initial reports surfaced around January that WhatsApp was planing to make this feature available and now you can do it whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android handset.

To send a private reply to a member of the group, you’ll have to hold down on the message you want to respond to for a short time. A ‘reply privately’ option will then pop up.

You will then be able to write a reply for one person’s eyes only, which will also quote their original message so they know what the hell you’re on about.

This feature saves you having to exit out of a group chat and find an individual contact in order to respond to them privately.

In fact, WhatsApp recently made the whole process of group chatting easier.

Starting a call with more than one person can be a bit fiddly because you need to dial the first friend and then add people afterwards.

Now you can just hit the ‘New Group’ button and select the people you want to add directly from your contact list.