So you have this cute guy friend who cracks you up, is a total brainiac, and gives you thoughtful advice whenever you need him. And then, one day, it hits you: you like him, not just as a friend, but in a romantic way. What’s a girl to do? How can you turn a guy friend into a boyfriend? Read on to find out three seduction strategies:

Make a move

If you are the confident and sassy type, the easiest and most effective way to let a guy friend know that you have feelings for him is to just make a move. If you both go out for drinks regularly, this can be accomplished fairly easily after a cocktail or two by stroking his hair affectionately and/or touching his arm and leg while you talk. If he responds, then ramp it up and ask him to kiss you. If, for some reason, he doesn’t reciprocate or feel the same way, you can always blame it on the alcohol, so there doesn’t have to be any weirdness between you.

Spend more time together

If aggression isn’t your style, you can take a more subtle approach and simply start spending more time with him. Try calling and inviting him out more often (although don’t over-do it and act too desperate or this approach will backfire.) If he likes you back, then he will be eager to spend more time with you, but if he constantly says he’s busy or doesn’t have time, it may be a sign that he’s happy with your friendship as it is and doesn’t want to change the involvement level. You can also try dropping subtle hints when you do spend time with him, such as complimenting his looks or talking about your love life. If you’re good friends, then he already appreciates you as a person, so it’s just a matter of making him see you as less of the girl-next-door and more as one of The Girls Next Door, a sexy, vivacious woman he’d want to date.

Be honest

This strategy requires picking an appropriate time and place (definitely not when you’re around others or when either of you is in a rush), taking a deep breath, and just telling him how you feel. This is the only approach that can be a little awkward, so it’s best to think out what you want to say ahead of time. Although you may feel excited to finally tell him, you have to anticipate that he may need time to examine his own feelings. So don’t expect him to immediately wisk you off your feet with a romantic, they-lived-happily-ever-after kiss. However, if he does feel the same way, you will be so glad that you took the risk, for there is nothing that creates a better, more solid base for a lasting, loving relationship than a good friendship.