The Information Ministry in collaboration with global leading ICT company, Huawei Technologies, is organising a training session for staff and management of the Ministry to enhance the digitisation of their work processes.

The workshop is expected to train about 70 persons by mainly highlighting the digital trends in the sector as well as building the ICT skills capacity of participants.

Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah in his opening remarks underscored the relevance of the workshop in helping staff and management of his ministry gain the necessary skill set that will aid in government communication while facilitating the overall digital transformation agenda of government.

“All over the world, economies are bracing themselves for the 4th industrial revolution and at the core of this preparation is the digital technology. It has therefore become imperative for governments and industries to embrace digitalisation to remain competitive in this new era.

“In Ghana, as most of us are already aware, the government is very keen on digitalizing all sectors of the economy and as the voice of government, it is important for staff and management of the Ministry to fully understand and appreciate digitalization while gaining insight on modern trends.

“We are therefore very happy to partner with a global leading and ICT organisation like Huawei to organize this workshop,” he said.

He added that the workshop will help the Ministry leverage on Huawei’s global expertise in ICT to enhance the capacity of its workforce in building a sustainable digitalisation drive, one that will inure to the Ministry’s benefit.

Huawei’s Global Regional Representative, Peter Goulding who joined via zoom to address participants during the opening ceremony said the focus of the workshop is to equip participants while “showcasing the possibilities and values of digital government in improving service delivery and helping to extend the reach of government services to all citizens of Ghana.”

He said the workshop forms part of activities geared towards assisting government to realize its vision of digitizing key sectors of the Ghanaian economy.


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