The 2021 edition of the Humanitarian Awards Global is scheduled to take place at the Labadi Beach Hotel on September 18, 2021.

The awards ceremony to be held under the theme ‘Celebrating changemakers’ is organised annually to recognise, honour, and celebrate individuals, companies, volunteer leaders, NGOs, philanthropists, corporations, and professionals to advance the importance of their incredible contributions to society.

As part of this year’s edition, a new category, ‘Frontline Covid-19 Heroes’, has been introduced to unearth and appreciate outstanding health workers and staff from several institutions who led the fight against Covid-19.

Despite the hardships and health risks, thousands of essential frontline workers continued to serve the populace during the upsurge of the pandemic.

These unsung health heroes will be celebrated for their selfless contributions to saving lives and restoring hope.

In view of this, management has announce the following honorees to be awarded for their selfless acts of service as frontline Covid-19 heroes under the categories of researchers, patient management and media.

These personalities include;

Dr Oliver Commey
(Ghana Infectious Disease Centre)

Dr. Ivy Asantewaa Asante

Dr. Emmanuel Kwadzo Ahiable:
(Greater Accra Regional Hospital-Ridge)
Dr Hawa Malechi
(Tamale Teaching Hospital)

Chief MLS. Lic. Augustine E. Sagoe
(Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital)

Dr. Augustina Angelin Sylverken
(Kumasi Center for Collaborative Research, KNUST)

Dr. Mary Amoakoh-Coleman

Dr. Eric Wedam
(War Memorial Hospital Navrongo)

 Philomina Obeng Donkor
(Greater Accra Regional Hospital-Ridge)

Dr. Emmanuel Amankrah

Ernestina Wereku
(Kintampo Municipal Health Directorate)

Fred K Smith
(Media, Multimedia Group Limited)

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