Black Sherif (Credit: Instagram/@blacksherif_)

Rapper Black Sherif has dismissed speculations that he smokes marijuana as he mentions it in his songs.

According to him, anytime he mentions smoking marijuana in any song he only means he is “burning” the beat he’s on.

Speaking in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM on Thursday, Black Sherif said he does not smoke nor does he endorse smoking it.

In his latest song, the rap sensation in his latest hit song ‘Kwaku The traveller’ mentioned smoking marijuana and cigarettes.

Some fans began pointing out his songs where he mentions smoking marijuana.

In Gold Digga with Samsney, he mentions “rolling [marijuana]” and smoking. In the Second Sermon there is also another mention of weed.

In Always with Darkoo there is also another mention of marijuana.

This set some fans off in suspecting their new sensation hitmaker may be addicted to weed.

However, the 20-year-old rapper said that in all his songs he has never advised people to smoke he only mentions smoking in his songs metaphorically.

Black Sherif told Andy Dosty that that side of his art does not speak to his reality.