Ashaiman MP, Ernest Norgbey has expressed regret for his actions during the confusion and chaos that erupted in Parliament on Wednesday December 1, 2021.

The MP was seen in a video dragging the Speaker’s chair from its position during the chaos. It took efforts by the Marshals of the House to reposition the seat.

Speaking on NewsNight on Tuesday, Ernest Norgbey said the incident was unfortunate and apologized for his actions.

“There is nothing wrong when you erred, you just apologize to the very person you erred against. That is why I said it was an unfortunate incident that happened in the Chamber. I am ever ready to apologize. It’s just an unfortunate incident that happened, it occurred during a situation that all of us find ourselves in and so if my actions have offended anybody, I take full responsibility for that and then apologize,” he told host Evans Mensah.

Meanwhile, the Ashaiman MP has demanded an apology from the Deputy Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo-Markin for calling him a hatchet man.

Mr. Afenyo-Markin made this comment on JoyNewsNewsfile on Saturday, December 4 while speaking on the recent happenings in Parliament.

“That day, they thought Joe Osei-Owusu was adjourning, so they took position, so they were supposed to beat him but he took the other direction. God being so good he suspended the sitting so they couldn’t get access to him, he left. Eventually, the Ashaiman MP, remember he did the same thing to Ursula Owusu, he has been stationed to do that, he is a hatchet man when there is nonsense, he has been nominated to execute the nonsense,” he said.

In a statement, Ernest Norgbey said, “I find the comments of Afenyo-Markin irresponsible, vile and evil against my person and calculated to cause ill-will and disaffection to my person and most importantly, my office as the elected representative of the good people of Ashaiman in the Greater Accra Region.”

The statement further added, “I am a calm and amiable person who has so far delivered on my mandate and acquitted myself creditably as the MP of Ashaiman. I’m not prone to violence at all as he falsely alluded. I demand that Afenyo-Markin retracts those defamatory comments against my person and apologise.”

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