A convener of the #FixTheCountry movement, Oliver Barker-Vormawor, has revealed some disturbing activities he endured at the hands of state security operatives during his time in police custody.

The activist stated that he was physically assaulted by some security personnel during his 35-day detention.

He made this revelation in an interview with the BBC.

“Some individuals in plainclothes, others heavily armed took me to a room and then started undressing me. They pushed me to the ground and kicked me about.

“All this time I was asking them, ‘can you identify yourselves?’ There was a lot of shut up and verbal intimidation. A couple of them spat on me,” he told the BBC.

On February 10, Mr Barker-Vormawor took to social media to threaten a coup following pictures emerging from the Majority Leader’s 65th birthday bash showing an ‘E-levy’-designed cake.

He posted, “If this E-Levy passes after this cake bullshit, I will do the coup myself. Useless Army!”

In a subsequent post, he explained the context in which he used the word, coup.

He was arrested on February 11 at the Kotoka International Airport, upon arriving from the United Kingdom.

On March 16, Mr Barker-Vormawor was granted a ¢2 million bail and two sureties.

Following his release, Mr Barker-Vormawor in a YouTube address alleged that he was tortured while in the custody of the police.

In response, the Deputy Attorney General and Minister for Justice had committed to investigating the claims.

According to Alfred Tuah Yeboah, the activist should provide details of his alleged torture.