Fans of sensational hiplife artiste, Kwabena Okyere Darko popularly known on stage as Obrafour should brace themselves up for a ‘born again’ musician as he hints of parting ways with secular music in December.

The Rap Sofor who has been on hiatus for the past three years has disclosed that he is preparing to release a new album in December 2013 and that will be his last for the secular world.

Speaking in an interview with Obrafour said the album, Obra Foforo (A new life or new beginning) “will be the closing chapter on my secular music career.”

Obrafour for Christ

According to him, “I’ve always said that at this point in life there is nothing spiritually fulfilling, self satisfying to me than to work on my salvation and work on the salvation of others as the goal of Christendom is to win souls for Christ.”

“I have been contemplating that for so long, I will leave it to God. I don’t want to play God where I decide for God. It is my prayer and He knows what my heart desires are, so I leave it to him. I have this, time and again that I would want to do the work of God,” the Asem Sebe hit singer added.

Obrafour clarified that his desire to do the work of God does not mean he will become a pastor but he will follow the teaches of his church – Seventh Day Adventist Church. “The goal of my church is to preach the second coming Christ so it is my sole aim and my desire to be able to be in good standing and play an active part in winning souls for Christ.”

An anticipated album

The last time the Rap Sofour released an album was three years ago – Asem Beba Dabi which had the controversial Kasiebo featuring Guru.

Asked what he has been up to, the dreadlocked musician said, “I have been around; I have been shuffling in and out of the country and I have been spending much time with my family, bonding and making sure I catch up with every unit in time as they grow. You need to teach the kids the way they should [grow].”

He disclosed that during a stint away from music, he has “been inundated with calls and questions as to when he will be releasing a new album”.

Obrafour, also known as the DaExecutioner assured his fans that he is “fine by his grace” and the delay in releasing an album was informed by a decision to get his fans the best of music.

He said he has a core inspiration to write music and because of that, he does not “just get up to do music for money and fame, I do it passionately…I usually believe that I have a message for the people and that what I bring should be something that will go down well with the people. You should have the quality that the masses crave for.”

There can never be another Obrafour

He is recording with legendary producer, Hammer of the Last Two who produced his first album, Pae Mu Ka in 1999 and other hit songs.

Obrafour noted that, Pae Mu Ka has been touted as the best hiplife song of all time and it is his aim to beat that feat with new album which features some renowned local acts including Sarkodie, Kwaw Kese, Lousika, and “a lot underground artistes.”

“The standard of Pae Mu Ka to be honest with you, I think I have not been able to meet that standard, so it’s a challenge to me to at least come close to it, match it or topple it.” He assured that considering the effort he is putting into the new album, “I believe that I will be able to topple it. I have trust in God that yes he will make it happen.”

He revealed that he has recorded 23 songs so far but he is “still not satisfied”. The DaExecutioner hinted that it was his dream to release a double album considering the number of songs he has recorded but that move has been kicked against by his management.

The rapper maintained that fans should expect a lot more singing than rap from him on the Obra Foforo album. This, he explained, is because he wants to chart a new course and identity for himself.

Preceding the album release in December will be the release of a new single – Kruse (Salute) featuring rapper Sarkodie – in two weeks. He stressed that the song attests to the fact that, “they still salute me” and “there can never be another Obrafour.”