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Idol 3 4G LTE smartphones from Alcatel Onetouch hit market this week

The Ghana office of Alcatel Onetouch is gearing up to launch its award-winning 4G LTE Idol 3 smartphones in Ghana this week.

The handset comes in two sizes, the 4.7 screen and the 5.5 screen. And they each come in regular and dual SIM versions.

Both come with a rather unique 100% reversibility feature, which means users can hold the phone upside down and the screen interface will flip automatically.

"No matter how you hold the phone the interface is right side up," a statement from Alcatel Onetouch said.

The two Android Quad Core 1.2GHz handsets also come with a gear that can be used to control the functionality of the phone even when the user is away from the handset itself.

Each of the two sleek handsets come with 13 megapixel rear camera with a next generation sensor and wide aperture. Plus, the 4.7 screen version has a 5 megapixel front camera and the 5.5 screen version has a 8 megapixel front camera.

The inbuilt Fast Face Focus software detects faces in 0.26 seconds. The Auto Scene Detection automatically adjusts contrast, exposure and colors to provide the best shots every time, under every circumstance. It also allows a sharp HDR real-time video at 30 frames per second.

The two booming surround-sound front-facing speakers, plus the JBL audio with Hi-Fi technology gives users the power of a professional audio component that creates a beach or outdoor party feel in the palm of the users’ hands.

"IDOL 3 is primed to party anytime, anywhere – because the Onetouch Mix music application, audiophiles can mix the tracks themselves or let the app do it, using either downloaded or online tunes," the company said in a statement.

The two handsets also have a unique feature called Technicolor Color Enhance technology, which offers superb color rendering and allows the user to see things clearly on the screen even under bright sunlight without squinting.

The high-definition screen also gives users perfect visibility from all angles and its increased luminosity furnishes crystal-clear outdoor readability, even under bright sunlight.

The internal and operating memories is 8GB and 1GB for the smaller handset but 16GB and 2GB for the smaller one. But both can take on up to 128GB additional memory.

Both handsets boast of a up to 42 megabits/second download speed and 5.7mbps upload speed.