A member of the 2019 Rosewood Taskforce, Seidu Jeremiah, says the Committee failed to achieve its target due to a lack of trust among members.

Illegal felling and selling of Rosewood have become topical now following the destruction of forest areas up North, a situation residents and lawmakers bemoan.

They say the tree maintains the Savannah areas’ crown cover is very crucial to the ecology and climate of the area therefore its destruction doesn’t augur well for their survival in the areas.

Speaking on the AM Show Wednesday, Mr Jeremiah who was part of the 2019 Rosewood Taskforce expressed his disappointment at the work the Taskforce was allowed to do.

“What happened to honesty and trustworthiness as a nation? We cannot put a ban on the trade and be issuing documentation for people to engage in this Rosewood business.

“One of the people showed receipts detailing how much he was made to pay as a fine for illegally felling the tree species,” he said.

Mr Seidu told Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye he regrets joining the committee because they weren’t allowed to do their job well.

“The honesty must come from government and the traditional rulers. I don’t see us achieving anything unless our leaders show true honesty and trustworthiness in this fight,” he said.

He also alleged the involvement of some workers of the Forestry Commission and other members of the Taskforce.