The Ghana Tomato Traders and Transporters Association is calling on government to implement a framework immediately to coordinate trading activities.

According to the association’s Communications Manager, Christian Lartey, the framework would modernize activities of tomato trading, hence the process should be facilitated.

“Between Ghana and Burkina Faso, there’s an existing framework for tomato production. There was a study conducted by the International Food Policy and Research Institute that gave birth to that framework. The Ghana Embassy in Ouagadougou has done a very good job initiating that framework.”

“I think what we need to do is follow up on that framework so that the trade can be modernized across at all the levels; from farm gate through transport to marketing,” he said.

Christian Lartey further explained the details of the framework that “the framework talks about standardization, packaging, and an insurance programme for producers, buyers and transporters. It also talks about a credit scheme that will ensure that people do not go to farm gates crediting and absconding.”

“That will also ensure that buyers have access to credit so they can expand their businesses,” he added.

To watch the full interview and to hear the gloomy encounters tomato traders and transporters experience enroute, tune in to Joy News Tv on Saturday 27th February, 2021 to watch Food Chain.