Former President, John Dramani Mahama has eulogized his Aide, Stanislav Xoese Dogbe at his 45th birthday celebration.

The event, attended by friends and family of Mr Dogbe, saw the 2020 NDC presidential candidate describing the former Presidential staffer as a loyal man, whose sense of duty and sacrifice gained him favour in his sight.

“If you are looking for people to work with, the first thing you must look for is loyalty. The second is loyalty, and the third is loyalty. They say you must get merit and efficiency, but that is a bonus.

“In this boy, I found not only loyalty but efficiency. If I say do this, he won’t say any task is impossible to fulfil. Midnight, 4 am call him, wake him up, tell him to go to Bawku to go and do this and he will go,” Mr Mahama added.

It is for this reason, the former President said, he decided to attend the birthday party when he got the news.

“He has been loyal, he has been true, he’s been faithful and that is why I will come to celebrate him at 45 years.

“If I continue, he will break down in tears, that is why I do not want to continue. But he is a true soldier of the party. The party can count on him at any time and I celebrate his 45 years,” Mr Mahama stated.

Reminiscing on how they first came into contact, the former President stated that during his time as Deputy Minister for Communications, he had a problem with his car and was left stranded by the roadside.

According to him, Stan Dogbe and his friend, Bennet, took it upon themselves to fix his car.

“These boys were dressed, but they went under the car with their dresses. They went under the car, they found out that some plastic underneath had dropped, they took some strings and…they tied it. By the time they came out, they were looking like they had had a mud bath. As if they had beaten each other with dust and mud.

“They were very dirty, and they said…the car is fine, you can take it but tomorrow, you have to send it to the mechanic to put the screws in. And that is how I met him for the first time…and I said, these two people are people I will keep an eye on and hold in respect,” he said.

Mr Mahama further thanked the gathering for making it a point to join his former aide to celebrate his birthday.

“Stan, happy 45th birthday…all of you who came to celebrate him, thank you very much, he is a great guy and we love him. Happy birthday Stan, thank you very much.”