Ghanaian dancer and choreographer, Incredible Zigi, has taken another bold step to tour South Africa, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Togo to showcase to the continent the dexterity he is made of.

Incredible Zigi has continued to defy many odds with his dance moves and been an inspiration to the many young Ghanaians who are passionate about dancing.

Through the many successes he has chalked, he is helping to curb the prejudice surrounding dancing in Africa and it not being regarded as a prospective career choice.

By embarking on this African tour, Incredible Zigi is setting a pace in the dance scene in Ghana, as never has any Ghanaian dancer taken such a bold step.

Incredible Zigi set to tour 7 African countries

This move is mostly influenced by the love and adoration that keeps pouring out from these African countries on social media for Zigi.

In many ways, this tour will aid the Dance Icon to cement his footprint across the African continent.

It will also be the first step in his dream to “own dance studios all around Africa and beyond to help give hope to the younger generation out there dancing on the streets just to make a living”.

Zigi is highly notable on social media for the fast and vast growth of his dance challenges that gets the world in their dancing shoes.

He is one of the main pillars that have highly influenced the youth positively through dance. Incredible Zigi defines dance as ‘the poetry of the foot’.

Incredible Zigi kicks off the African tour with South Africa.