Gianni Infantino's second term as president began in June 2019

Gianni Infantino, president of the International Football Federation (FIFA), has been credited with Qatar’s success in hosting the Arab Cup of Nations. It is being considered as a test run for the 2022 World Cup to be held in the same country.

According to recent reports, Egypt and Morocco are interested in pursuing a joint bid to host the  2030 World Cup. As a result of the Arab Cup’s success, Gianni feels convinced that Arab countries are capable of operating a large-scale tournament.

An interview with MBC1 caught up with Infantino and said: “There are Arab countries capable of hosting the World Cup, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, which hosted the African Cup of Nations, and Morocco, which has submitted a bid to host the competition.”

“The Arab world is eager to host a major event, and all the countries mentioned have distinguished stadiums.”

Infantino is reported to have made a number of trips to Morocco and has been impressed by its overall infrastructure. According to Infantino: “I have been to Morocco several times and I have seen not only the passion for football, but also the seriousness of the work done by the Federation.” 

Infantino also contemplated a joint bid that would involve Morocco, Spain, and Portugal, given that these countries are geographically neighboring.