Institute of Directors Ghana has called on corporate organizations to pay extra attention to gender parity on governing boards in Ghana.

According to the Institute, women representation on governing boards in Ghana is becoming a critical concern and a key requirement in the corporate governance landscape.

To be effective, a governing board needs a diversity of skills, cultures, and views to make good decisions with sustainable outcomes.

Whiles the Boardroom is heavily dominated by men, the Institute of Directors is advocating for a good balance of men and women on governing boards to make organizations take advantage of the multiplicity of skills of our women.

“There a lot of benefits to be derived from a diversified board which range from ethical culture, good performance, effective controls and legitimacy. These will translate into improved financial performance and shareholder value, increased customer and employee satisfaction, rising investor confidence, and enhanced reputation,” a statement from the Institute said.

“Whiles we mark the International Women’s day, the Institute of Directors wishes to encourage corporate organizations to ensure a good representation of women on their boards.”

The said, “Organizations that have women on their boards are encouraged to add more. It is the expectation of IoD-Gh to see organizations achieve 50% parity of women on their board by 2030.”