CEO of Intellas, Prof. Godfried Williams

Intellas, an IBM Business Partner and go-to company that specialises in the application of Artificial Intelligence to Cyber Security, Digital Forensics and Big Data Analytics, is beginning its cybersecurity workshops in Accra dubbed, “the Cybersecurity Boardroom Series”. 

The Cybersecurity Boardroom Series taking place on the February 24, 2022 at Alisa Hotel has been designed to enable senior executives and board members gain an understanding of the necessary and critical tools for defending and securing the cyberspace of its organisation. 

According to Intellas, regulatory requirements and compliance obligations enacted by law or international standards call for the urgent need for senior executives to be equipped in providing the leadership and capabilities essential for responding robustly and efficiently to emerging cyber risks, threats and attacks.

These threats may comprise Ransomeware, Espionage, Data breach, Privacy violations and Intellectual Property theft, among others, leading to reputational damage, breach of trust and significant financial losses. 

The Intellas team in Ghana working on the implementation of the Cybersecurity Boardroom Series are Dr. Gershon K. Adzadi, Ms. Keturah Osabutey and Ms. Nana Efua Rockson.

Lead Facilitator of the workshop, Prof. Godfried Williams he indicated that “Cybersecurity is a board level responsibility that requires the leadership and oversight of Senior Executives in any organisation.”

He added that it is for this reason that Intellas is providing our participating executives with board level tools critical to mitigating against cybersecurity threats, risks and attacks.  

Prof. Williams further stated that this workshop is the first in a series of workshops to be organised in Ghana and Africa especially in these times when cybersecurity has become a topical issue in most boardrooms, however, senior executives find themselves not adequately equipped to provide the necessary leadership on cybersecurity matters.

Ghanaian businesses are trailblazers and senior executives’ appreciation of cybersecurity threats in their companies and how to adequately mitigate them will pave the way for opportunistic investments and collaborations as it shores up its investor confidence and reputation. 

Intellas provides services under the Defence Engineering and Science Group (DESG) of the British Ministry of Defence (MOD), NASA, BAE Applied Intelligence Systems Unit, large organisations and SMEs in Europe and Africa. Intellas has also provided services and delivered programmes funded by Innovate UK of the British Government for small and medium scale enterprises within the innovation space of online security integration, verification, copyright enforcement and web security.

Intellas is skilled in implementing ISO security and digital forensic standards for SMEs and large organisations.

It is therefore an expert in cybersecurity to support Ghanaian businesses irrespective of its size.

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