An economist and lecturer at the University of Ghana Business school has advised the Government to critically review its agricultural sector, and make new and innovative investments to expand the sector.

Professor Godfred Alufar Bokpin said the move will enable more job creation for the people of Ghana.

He further said stressed the need for both scaling up of quality, and effective spending within the Agriculture sector during this Covid-19 pandemic era, given that it holds the backbone of the country’s job creation capacity.

Speaking on the topic ‘The State of the Nation’, during the virtual National Christian Forum 2020, organised by the Advocates for Christ Ghana (A4CG), Prof Bokpin gave an economic history of Ghana.

He highlighted the highs and lows chalked as a country, and underscored the challenges Covid-19 has brought to bear on the general economic outlook.

He said though Covid-19 is primarily a health crisis, it has implications for other sectors of the economy, and that, spending in the agribusiness sector remains critical.

He recommended that the Government strike a healthy balance in its response in order to sustain the Economy.

The National Christian Forum was participated by Christians from over 100 churches including Action Chapel International, Global Evangelical Church, International Central Gospel Church, Legon Interdenominational Church.

Also, parachurch organisations such as Scripture Union (SU), Great Commission Movement of Ghana (GCMG), Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students (GHAFES), Institute for Christian Impact among others participating.

Chairperson of A4CG, Edem Senanu, noted that the essence of the forum is to give Christians a common platform to make recommendations to those who are governing and those who want to govern.

The forum saw over 300 participants from all over the world.

A4CG is a growing movement of professionals, parents, pastors, and others, all of whom are Christians seeking to provide a permanent and proactive voice on national issues in Ghana.

With the mission of engaging in public policy advocacy, capacity development, and prayer related to national issues, A4CG has over 300 members across Africa, Europe, and the United States of America.

The vision of A4CG is to be a lead movement or organisation in Ghana promoting biblical Christian values in all sectors of national life, thereby working together with other Christians to achieve this.