Singer Irene Logan has faced backlash from Twitter users for claiming Ghanaians are xenophobic.

According to her, Nigerians and Liberians are usually victims of such xenophobic behaviour. 

Although a few users supported her, many others from Ghanaians and Nigerians did not favour the artiste who originally hails from Liberia.

Some people said the singer’s statement is unfair to Ghanaians, the country and its people have welcomed and given a lot of room to foreigners.

Other users tasked the singer to read the meaning of Xenophobia before she makes such claims.

Users like @yooku_s and @wisdom_ampofo believe Irene Logan’s statement can create not only conflicts between the countries involved but also with her wide following, it can put Ghanaians living in Nigeria and Liberia in danger.

“Ghana literally has a Liberian camp that has harboured Liberians since they had the war! We have coexisted with Nigerians since God knows when!… Where is all this coming from? You must have proof too! You can’t just get up say anything because you feel like it!,” @Muhhnuella posted.

It is, however, uncertain what may have prompted the singer to make her comment.

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