Nobody knows when the insulting behaviour and tomfoolery going on in the NDC government led by President Mills will end. Every week, stories of naked embezzlement, stealing, misuse of public funds and lack of responsibility fall before our eyes. Today our president is happy to pay huge sums of monies to faceless individuals and corporate entities in the form of corrupt judgement debts while Ghanaians suffer.
We challenge the President to travel to a town not far from him in the Volta Region called Afi-Afidenyigba and see the suffering of the youth there. 80% of the young people there are not going to school neither have they had any jobs at all. At Yeji in the Brong-Ahafo Region there are no medicines available at the local clinic. The National health Insurance Scheme there has been abandoned. Most of the townfolk are struggling to feed themselves and their children. President Mills promised so much but in our view he has failed the people of Afi-Afidenyigba, Yeji and other places in Ghana who voted for him for simple things; good clean water, decent healthcare to improve their living standards and a secure environment so they can enjoy a better life. President Mills and his ministers have abandoned the people and like Napoleon in George Orwell’s Animal farm to become protectors and special advisers to white collar, cigar smoking cowboys, thieves and criminals living in expensive houses and mansions in Accra and elsewhere.

Can paying 35 million dollars to Rockshell International give Ghanaians a better life?

Can paying 90 million Euros to Construction Pioneers give Ghanaians a better life?

Can paying 8.3 million Ghana cedis to Africa Automobile give Ghanaians a better life?

Will paying 51 million Ghana cedis to Alfred Agbesi Woyome give Ghanaians a better life?

Will the actions of ministers like Mr Okudzeto Ablakwa who are making a political career defending companies and individuals who seek to defraud the people of Ghana give Ghanaians a better life?

We believe these Judgement Debts are a clever way which President Mills and some of his close ministers, advisers and supporters seek to take money that do not belong to them and use it for themselves and their families. We call for a recall of all Judgement debt payments and for all monies that have been fraudulently negotiated and paid out to be recovered for the people of Ghana. We call for the arrest and prosecution of all those involved in these heinous crimes.


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