The capital city of the Northern Region of Ghana would on the 12th of April, 2014 record events in the annals of the New Patriotic Party as one of the most historic in our existence as a political party.

The party’s Annual Delegates Conference will elect its National Executive officers to run the affairs of the party up until 2018. Effectively, the result of the April 12th elections would have much influence on how the 2016 elections would be tackled.

Our delegates have the most important part to play as they cast their votes to elect the leaders. Gradually but surely, the D-day would see the emergence of a team of dedicated leaders who are ready, willing and capable to help the course of the party.

Since the formation of our party in 1992 after a tumultuous struggle for the return to democratic rule by the pioneers of the party, the NPP has witnessed disappointments in its quest to obtain the empathy and mandate of Ghanaians.

There may be very compelling and good reasons to vote for any of the candidates for the various national executive positions and as delegates, it is within your right so to do. I therefore urge you to   exercise this right with the 2016 elections being the ultimate goal for the NPP and for Ghana.

Political parties are formed with one main objective to achieve, ie to win the mandate of the people and to exercise that mandate in service to the people.

Therefore all our decisions and actions must necessarily be geared towards the attainment of this objective alone. Various scenarios may be put in context and content is your decision to cast a vote for any of our distinguished candidates. You have the key to electing the next team who must work together in harmony to help us attain our objective.

“It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice – Deng Xiaoping

Let us elect leaders who have the competences and skills needed to meet the 2016 objective. Let us look beyond the horizon and see the need to do things differently to meet our objective. We need only leaders who have what it takes to win election and you have that singular opportunity to make that happen.

As a party, we have participated in all six elections held in Ghana since 1992 and won two. We have participated in about twelve elections and won three. Let us have leaders with a forward looking approach to winning elections.

There are very cogent reasons why we are denied by the electoral system to win elections and serve the great people of Ghana. Some of these reasons may be the deliberate collusion, orchestration and manipulation of the electoral system to our disadvantage.

The 2016 election may present an even more complex situation and we need leaders who can bring alternative leadership strategies capable of meandering through our challenges with efficient organizational principles of contemporary political knowledge for election 2016.

I have the needed competences and ready to join the team to achieve this noble objective. I have already put together “A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO WINNING ELECTIONS” and hope that I would receive your mandate to help implement it.

Your decisions would influence how the party would fares in the 2016 elections.

I am of confident that you would make your choice devoid of sentiments, emotions or some instant personal gains. A good choice would help heal all the pains we have gone through over these years. Your sacrifices have been without doubt the most painful. Help in electing the next crop of leaders to bring strategic mindset for the 2016 elections.

Vote for a man with the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to bring on board the three tier approach of unity, effective communication and the implementation of strategic plans to help our party, the N.P.P win election 2016. 

Thank you.

 Fred Amankwah–Sarfo is an Aspiring National Vice Chairperson of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).