File photo of congregants giving offering at church

The Second Vice Chairman for the National Association of Charismatic Churches has described government’s directive for offertory bowls to be left outside church premises as an ‘abomination’.

Victor Osei in an interview with Luv FM on Tuesday indicated that the new directive imposed by government is against the biblical principles and therefore cannot be adhered to.

“This business about the offering bowl being outside [is wrong].There is nowhere in scripture that states that the offering bowl should be outside. It is an abomination to God,” he stressed.

Citing the scripture, he said, “’Bring ye all the tithes and offerings into the store house of the Lord’.”

As part of the lifting of restrictions for churches, Minister for Religion and Chieftaincy Affairs, Kofi Dzamesi directed that offering bowls should be at entrance and exit points of churches as they re-open for members to give offering and tithes.

Rev Osei therefore reiterated that he will not abide by the instruction since it will make him sin against his creator.

“Personally, I am not committing such an abomination to God by putting my offering bowl outside the church. Then they will have to arrest me,” he stated.

Although President Nana Akufo-Addo in his 10th televised address to the nation eased the restrictions on churches and mosques, he instructed that up to 100 worshipers can congregate and for only one hour.

Commenting on this, the Second Vice Chair suggested increase the number of congregants in bigger churches.

For him, those churches have the infrastructure and more space to accommodate more than 100 congregants per service.

“We have the capacity to bring 400 to 500 people in at a time, and send them out very carefully. Even with the one or two-meter interval, some of our churches can take directives in and out,” he said.