The Madina Member of Parliament, Francis-Xavier Sosu, has served notice of a constituency-wide demonstration to the Adenta Divisional Police Command.

According to Mr Sosu, the protest scheduled for October 18, is to demand government’s attention on the poor roads and drains in the area.

The lawmaker, who believes that his constituency is in dire need of certain basic amenities stated that the right authorities must be called to do the needful.

In an interview with JoyNews, Mr Sosu stressed, “It seems that nothing is working in Madina, and I cannot be an MP, over an area that will not work. So if it is not working, then I will make it work.”

Scores of residents at Oyarifa Green Hills, a suburb within the constituency, have been trapped in their homes by floodwaters for the past five days.

Children are unable to go to school because the flood caused by the is yet to recede.

The affected residents observed that buildings in waterways and the absence of drains in the area have made it almost impossible for floodwaters to recede even days after it rains.

Considering this, the Madina legislator said the lack of drains and other facilities in his electoral area is taking a toll on his constituents’ economic and social growth.

He insisted, “that is why I am leading my people to demand from the right quarters our own fair share of national development.”

The Madina MP also divulged that he has filed an urgent question in Parliament about the deplorable state of roads and lack of development in his constituency.

Mr Sosu was optimistic that by calling the appropriate leaders in the Executive to answer to the Legislature, the processes will be facilitated to ensure the growth required.

Meanwhile, the MCE for Nkwantanang, Jennifer Dede Adjabeng has described the MP’s posture as laughable.

According to her, lawmakers contribute to the area’s development through lobbying; therefore, it is unfortunate for Mr Sosu to resort to demonstrations to get the needed infrastructural projects for the Madina constituency.

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