The Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) has eulogised the deceased Joy Brands Manager, Elvis Kwashie, describing him as a “professional who stood for excellence.”

In a tribute, the Association said Elvis will always be remembered for his dedication to his work.

“This editor and manager stood for excellence. This was a leader who knew the architecture of success in his field and trained his staff to pursue it,” they said.

The Association also described him as a pillar in journalism who greatly impacted lives with the stories he told.

“What journalism in Ghana has lost is a leader who told stories that made impacts. What the fraternity has lost today is the journalist whose stories generated headlines but whose name was never revealed. Countrymen and women, what we have lost today is a man who cared about ethics and did his work with diligence.

To them, Elvis was a phenomenal leader who was not only a boss who wanted the job done, but a boss who also cared about the wellbeing of his subordinates.

“Many of your subordinates found in you a caring father, brother, and friend. You did not only care about the work; you also cared about the worker. You got to know them beyond just what they did within the four walls of JOY. For us in the larger GJA family, you were a ‘gentle giant’ whose words of wisdom, erudite articulation of noble causes, and undaunted pursuit of high standards stood him taller among Ghana’s giant journalists.

“The scores you have trained, groomed, nurtured, and counselled are thankful for all you have done for them. You’ve inspired a generation of journalists poised to achieve the greater feat with the power of the pen and the magic microphone!” they said.

“To the GJA, you were a member actively pushing executives to pursue media excellence and to improve a lot of media practitioners. The thought that you have left us brings a lot of pain. But your legacy and impact will remain in this industry,” they added.