Joy Business has joined the Canada-Ghana Chamber of Commerce in a bid to strengthen trade ties between Ghana and Canada.

Executive Secretary of the Chamber, Edwina Atta Sonno, said she’s optimistic the partnership will further boost trade between the two countries, adding, some investors have shown interest in patronising Ghanaian businesses.

The Canada-Ghana Chamber of Commerce is an organization whose prime mission is to promote the interests of Canada-Ghana Chamber of Commerce members by providing advocacy, business information, networking opportunities and services that encourage bilateral trade between Canada and Ghana.

Ms. Atta Sonno said various training sessions are being organised for its members to properly position them on the market.

“We have several networking cocktails that we do. We actually visit our members to understand what their peculiar needs are and then craft tailor made solutions to meet their needs.”

Speaking during an interactive session with business owners and partners, Ms. Edwina mentioned that the partnership had been beneficial to Ghanaian businesses.

She expressed optimism about the partnership, highlighting some successes that have been chalked so far.

“One of the things that we are doing is to get the understanding of the peculiarities of the companies and getting the right people to help them. One of the companies is doing something huge which translates into millions of dollars, so their key need right now is an investor.”

“Through our relationship with the Ghana-Canada Chamber of Commerce based in Toronto, we’ve been able to link them to an investor in Canada and he is currently doing the paperwork. If everything goes well, within a couple of months, he is going to get an investor to pick up the solutions that he has made to move the company forward.”

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