Daddy Lumba

Joy Entertainment wraps up its 2021 initiative ‘Celebrate’ with the celebration of highlife legend, Daddy Lumba.

Celebrate aims at throwing the spotlight on Ghanaian musicians across five of its traditional platforms and on their social media handles on a particular day.

Since its inception this year, Ghanaian musicians Kidi, Trigmatic, Kojo Antwi, Tagoe Sisters, and Reggie Rockstone have been celebrated in the first five editions.

Crowning Celebrate in a festive season to end the year couldn’t be better with any other than one of the pioneers of contemporary highlife music.

Born Charles Kwadwo Fosu, the highlife music crooner whose impeccable repertoire has endeared him to Ghanaians, finds himself in the spotlight on Friday, December 3.

Joy Entertainment celebrates Daddy Lumba

All platforms of the Joy brands of the Multimedia Group Limited; Joy FM, Joy Prime, Joy News, and Hitz FM will lay songs of Daddy Lumba to celebrate him. Go mobile while catching up with all the fun via social media.

Be part of this grand celebration of the Legendary Daddy Lumba, by calling in on all our radio and TV shows on Friday, December 3, and request your most cherished Lumba song or simply share with the world, a DL memory, because during this festive season, “y3ntie obiaa”.

Celebrating all musicians, celebrating our music, celebrating Daddy Lumba. ‘Celebrate’, music for us by us.

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Joy Entertainment, We Are Large And In Charge.

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