Your Election Headquarters JoyNews has launched a new program, Manifesto Tracker designed to provide detailed scrutiny of political party manifestos ahead of the 2020 elections.

The Manifesto Tracker will air on PM Express on the JOY NEWS channel every Wednesday at 9 pm and on the Super Morning Show on Joy 99.7 FM every Thursday. 

Joy News is rolling out the program with input from civil society partners. 

The radio version of the Manifesto Tracker will be executed in partnership with IMANI AFRICA.

“We know that IMANI has created something of a niche for themselves with their groundbreaking IManifesto project,” noted Evans Mensah, Head of the Political Desk at JoyNews. 

“We will take each sector of a political party manifesto and scrutinise the promises measuring them against the actual needs of people, feasibility and viability, questions of cost, funding and I guess most importantly what it will take to implement.

“We want to leave the electorate with enough information to assist them to come to their own informed conclusions regarding these promises,” Mr Mensah added. 

This version on PM Express on the JOY NEWS channel will take a slightly different approach.

Evans Mensah explains that “there are many people more qualified with the expertise to take on specific issues and so we will be handing over the anchoring of the show to some of my other colleagues to interrogate particular issues”.

JOY NEWS launches Manifesto Tracker on PM Express, Super Morning Show

The first episode airs on Wednesday, August 26, at 9 pm and it will focus on the creative arts sector based on the NPP’s 2020 manifesto.

It will be hosted jointly by Evans Mensah and George Quaye, creative arts analyst and host of Rhythms A to Z on JOY FM.

“I will open the show with him with an analytical presentation on the creative arts promises and then he will take over with his panel of experts,” Mr Mensah said.

JOY NEWS is executing a 2020 election coverage plan focused on being useful to the voting public and assisting the electorate make informed choices at the polls on December 7.  

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