The Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), has suggested to the Judicial Arm of government that a special court of libel be instituted.

This, Professor Stephen Adei explained will fast-track libel cases against journalists in the country.

“I think that the Judiciary should establish a special court of libel so that when someone is libeled they can have justice resolved in the matter of a fortnight,” he said Monday on the Super Morning Show.

The call comes in the wake of attacks on journalists in the country.

The Professor, during the discussion condemned the attacks, however, he called on the journalism fraternity to deal with journalists who viciously attack people as he explained these attacks largely contribute to the problem.

“Any attack on journalists is an attack on ourselves. The journalists are the mouthpiece of the population and I think that anything at all must be done to protect them.

“[But] I think that there are a few journalists who, either because they are bribed or they hate somebody, can viciously attack people.

“My solution to this is this: I don’t think that we should ever go back to the criminal libel law…I think that the journalist fraternity must find a way of dealing with them,” he said.

Nonetheless, the Professor cautioned journalists against aligning with political parties “for their own safety.”

“I think journalists must avoid being politically aligned because our politicians, unfortunately, are behind all the macho men.

“And this idea of certain journalists that whatever NPP says is correct and whatever NDC says is correct is what I believe is leading to the attacks.

“As a journalist, I think that there will be some sort of persuasion but some blatant disregard of facts should not be part of Journalism,” he said.