The Member of Parliament for the Karaga Constituency, Dr Mohammed Amin Adam, has cut sod for the construction of a Police Station at Pishigu.

This Pishigu Police station is the second the MP is constructing in the Constituency.

This is in response to the increase in robbery attacks on the Yamo-Karaga road.

Earlier this year, the driver of the District Chief Executive for Karaga was attacked and killed on that stretch.

The robbery attacks have affected social and business activities within that enclave.

Speaking at the event, the Deputy Minister for Energy, who doubles as MP for the area, said it is worrying to wake up each day to calls from his constituents, of one robbery or another and in some cases leading to deaths.

Karaga MP cuts sod for construction of police station

He said the Regional Police Command advised that if he could provide logistics they will provide the men to help curtail the robbery attacks on the Yamo-Karaga, Namburugu and Pishigu stretch of the Karaga road which are prone to these attacks.

Dr Mohammed added that he has also been able to lobby for a substantive District Police Commander to superintend over the area instead of having to depend on Gushiegu.

Karaga MP cuts sod for construction of police station

He assured the people of the area of his readiness to support in any way he can to reduce the criminal activities in his Constituency.

The MP, a few months ago, provided five motorbikes to the Regional Police Command in Tamale to be used for escort of traders on market days from the constituency Capital and other satellite markets in the area.