A 27-year-old mason who could not come to terms with what he felt was protracted sexual weakness took his life last Monday.

Kweku Gyan, a mason, who hails from Gomoa Amanda in the Central-Region had been married to Esi Otoo for one-and-half years, and according to Esi, for a whole year there had been no sex.

Speaking to The Finder Wednesday, Kasoa District Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Ebenezer Asare said at about 5.30pm on Monday, December 17, his outfit received a complaint from one Rebecca Otoo, sister-in-law to the deceased, that her sister’s husband had committed suicide.

“The information we had was that the incident happened at Akweley, a suburb of Kasoa township, so we rushed there and met the body of the deceased, who was later identified by his family as Kweku Gyan, in a pool of blood,” he explained.

According to the commander, upon inspection, the police found out that Kweku Gyan had used a locally manufactured single-barreled gun to shoot himself.

Police investigations carried out since the incident on Monday revealed that the deceased had earlier on attempted suicide but had failed.

“We gathered that he was living with his wife at Bawjiase, also in the Central Region, and that a week or before that fateful Monday he attempted committing suicide by hanging but he was seen by his relatives, who stopped him and advised him against the act,” the police said.

Chief Superintendent Asare said three days before the incident, the deceased visited his sister-in-law and while there he was heard complaining about the size of his manhood.

“According to Rebecca Otoo, he was complaining that his manhood was small and that he was having problems with his waist and even went to the extent of showing his manhood to her.”

Kasoa District Crime Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Moses Naa-Kolgo told The Finder that the sister-in-law advised Kweku Gyan to keep calm, and assured him that they would seek medical treatment for his condition.

According to ASP Naa-Kolgo, on Monday, December 17, the deceased called his wife and informed her that he was at her sister’s house in Akweley, and asked her to join him there.

“The wife did come and after a while both wife and sister decided to fetch water from a house nearby, leaving the sister’s kids in the care of Kweku Gyan. So while fetching the water they heard a gunshot,” the crime officer said.

The two women rushed back to the house and found Kweku in a pool of blood.

ASP Naa-Kolgo disclosed that the deceased had been deposited at the Police Hospital mortuary for autopsy.

He was unhappy about the fact that the family of Kweku Gyan had failed to report his first suicide attempt to the police, adding that it could have saved his life.

“In Ghana attempted suicide is a crime and it is so because we don’t have rehabilitation centres as in advanced countries where such a person would be given some counseling,” he said.

He appealed to residents not to hesitate in reporting people who attempt committing suicide, stressing that “it is better the person faces the law and lives than he or she dying.’