The CEO and Medical Director of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), Oheneba Owusu-Danso, and Prof Baafour Kofi Opoku have been accused of abusing their public office.

They are alleged to have diverted funds from the facility’s Covid-19 fund to purchase two luxurious vehicles.

The accuser, Awuni Akyireba, a Chartered Forensic Accountant at the Hospital, says he has evidence to prove his allegations and is thus petitioning the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to commence investigation into the issue.

In response, the management of the Hospital said the allegations are false and they will respond at the appropriate time.

According to Mr Akyireba, the duo had procured two new Toyota Camry vehicles at the cost of $116,000, which were allegedly obtained with Covid-19 donations by a businessman and footballer.

He said the vehicles were bought at a time when the Hospital is in a dire economic situation.

He revealed that all of the Hospital’s escalators had broken down except those in the B block, and some staff bonuses had also not been paid.

“We were told in the performance review by the Chief Executive that all directorates of the Hospital have incurred losses. Cumulative losses of these directorates according to him was in the region of ¢6.2 million.

“If we were in such a difficulty, where else did they get the money to buy those vehicles if not the Covid funds?” he said.

He is also asking CHRAJ to probe the Medical Director, Prof. Baafour Kofi Opoku, over abuse of public office for allowing his wife to drive and crash one of these new vehicles.

Speaking to LuvNews, Mr Akyireba said he’s willing to support a CHRAJ investigation with evidence to prove these vehicles were bought with Covid-19 donations to the Hospital.

“I’m offering my head on the chopping block; they can chop my head for this. The Medical Director gave our official vehicle, one of the luxurious vehicles, to his wife and the wife got an accident with it. I feel that constitutes an abuse of public office, it also constitutes a betrayal of the trust of the public,” he said.

However, lawyers for the KATH CEO in a response to some radio stations and newspapers said the allegations are untrue.

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