Founder of Royal Ladies Ministries, Rev Rita Korankye-Ankrah has advised parents to know the temperament of their children early to know how to raise them.

Discussing the ‘impact of Covid-19 on relationship’ on The Pulse show, she noted that children from the same parents have different temperaments, therefore, it is important for parents to know if their child is an introvert or an extrovert.

She indicated these characteristics of the children serves as a guide for a parent to raise a child to adulthood.

“You can have 10 children, and they will all be different. So I always teach parents to learn the temperament of your child.

“We have the choleric, the sanguine, melancholy and the phlegmatic. [the outgoing and reserved ones]. And you need to know them early, so that you can handle them as such,” she stated.

Explaining further, the Founder of Royal Ladies Ministries said the temperaments have both positives and negatives.

But, she was optimistic that should parent provide the necessary guidance to correct the shortcomings of the child’s temperaments, all will be well.

Citing her children as an example, she said, “My first child is an introvert, so she doesn’t talk much and because of that even if something is happening in the house or she is being bullied at school she won’t tell you, and that is the negative side of it. On the other hand, she’s calm and she brought home the awards.”

“For my third child, she is the talker, and bringing me trouble, but they will tell you everything that is happening in their lives.”

“So knowing their temperament will let you know how to deal with them.”