As Ghana’s Covid-19 deaths hit a grim milestone, with over 1000 people killed, calls for the government to fix the country’s medical infrastructure deficit have intensified, with more people demanding access to quality healthcare services especially in rural Ghana.

In the Eastern Region, however, the management of Koforidua Technical University is taking the initiative to construct a hospital to help cater to the medical needs of its students and neighbouring towns.

The university, since its inception over 25 years ago, has lacked a health facility making it difficult for practical training of students offering science-related programs.

Urging alumni and philanthropists to help finance the project Vice-Chancellor Professor David Kofi Essuman said the pandemic has exposed the gaps in the medical service.

“Koforidua Technical University is growing and now we have a population of over 8,000 students but the university hasn’t gotten any clinic that befits the status of the university, what we have currently is not even up to a sickbay,” he said.

“So the university has taken it up upon itself to put up a hospital that will take care of both students and staff as well as serve the community in which the university is situated.”

Concerned about the wellbeing of students, Prof Kofi Essuman indicated that “Covid-19 has also played a role in our intention to get the facility ready as soon as possible because when school reopened, we had to invest in ensuring all safety protocols are adhered to ensure our students are safe.”

“But then when you have a health facility nearby it will also help so that when there’s any problem or infection we can easily identify and treat it, so it doesn’t spread,” he added.

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