The Volta Regional Environmental Health Office has asked the Kpando Municipal Assembly to relocate a pour-flush public toilet under construction at Tsakpe Newtown, a residential area in the municipality, as it could pose health risks.

Mr Richard Ahiagbede, the Regional Environmental Health Officer, at a Regional Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee on Sanitation meeting in Ho, said the multi-seater toilet facility was dangerously close to homes and must be resited.

The toilet structure, under construction and currently at the roofing level, had additional facilities such as bathrooms and urinals, but health officials said its location violated the minimum distance from nearest dwellings.

Residents concerned about health risks the toilet could pose have petitioned the the Regional Coordinating Council, according to the regional environmental office, when construction works started.

Mr Ahiagbede said technically, siting the toilet at a residential area was not right, as it defied the minimum distance from nearest dwellings, and could produce effluence and breed flies.

He added that its location closed to a health Centre was unnecessary because the health Centre had adequate sanitary facilities, and that the project was likewise a setback for efforts at getting every household to own a personal toilet.

“I don’t see the dire need for that facility,” he said, and called forthe project to be halted.

The Assembly in its capacity as a regulator, he said ought to ensure proper siting of such projects and endeavour to sensitise communities on their management.

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