Actor-turned-pastor, Timothy Bentum

Actor-turned-pastor, Timothy Bentum, has indicated that the local movie industry, popularly known as ‘Kumawood’, has flourished in recent times.

According to him, the twi-speaking movie sector has been performing well over the years with the resources available to them; yet, needs to undergo a paradigm shift in order to keep excelling.

Speaking in an interview on Up-Close, a new personality-focused segment of Joy FM‘s ‘The Reason is Jesus‘ on Sunday, he urged entertainers to strive to produce quality contents that will always get them maximum audience locally and internationally.

Timothy Bentum further said they must endeavour to reinvent themselves to fit well into the digital age.

“We are trying. I think the Twi people [Kumawood] are doing well. They are sitting on a cash cow. They should just really revamp, think it through, subtitling right and don’t get a guy to follow a camera from here to Avenor to just buy time, so that you can do [part] one and two.”

“Get very good stuff out there because you have a huge following in Ghana and everywhere else,” he advised.

The founder of Timothy Bentum Ministries implored the English-speaking counterparts to project the Ghanaian culture like their colleagues in other countries do.

“For the English people, I’ve always had a problem with it because you can’t do it better than Hollywood. So, what we should do as a movie industry is to become like South Africa where it’s an English movie but they mix it up and then they sub-title it so you sell your culture as a people.”

“That is what people who are not Ghanaians want to see. We should be able to marry it to make it to make it right so as to satisfy our local audience and also endear the foreign audience to make it bigger.”

Meanwhile, Timothy has lauded the Inspector General of Police (IGP) for his warning to Ghanaian prophets prior to the December 31st watchnight service across the country.

However, the actor says prophets should prioritize God’s voice over that of the IGP, saying they should be bold enough to pass on God’s revelations, regardless of its consequences.

“You might say it and not get protected by God…He might leave you to go to jail, because may be, He wants you to go preach in jail”, he elaborated.

The actor believes the intention of the Police head was an attempt to encourage prophets to refrain from causing fear and panic. However, prophets must stand by the voice of God rather than that of men.

Thus, he is heard in the interview saying, “if God says it, who am I?”.

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