We failed Adamu Sakande when the State opted to prosecute him for being elected to represent the good people of Bawku Central in Parliament.

For a country that has been a trail blazer at reaching out to the African diaspora, where foreign firms are routinely hired as transaction advisors, where foreigners are daily enstooled as chiefs, it is bizarre that we will seek to disqualify Ghanaians from holding public office merely because they are, like Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah and Chairman Rawlings, citizens of other countries.

The decision as to whether a dual citizen can represent his constituency must be left to those constituents.

The notion that a Ghanaian/German will not know who to fight for in a war between Ghana and Germany and so must be disqualified from serving as an MP makes as much sense as the notion that Kevin Prince Boateng will not know whether to attack the German or Ghanaian defense in a competitive soccer game and so must not be featured in not just such a game but also be disqualified from playing for Ghana.

We cannot be comfortable with hiring a Serbian to coach the Black Stars to play against Serbia and somehow prosecute Adamu Sakande, a natural born Ghanaian, because he has been elected by his people to represent them.

The notion that dual citizens should not be allowed to compete in the political space is a highly outmoded notion kept afloat by an irrational fear that they will usher in competition for incumbent MPs.

We must honor the memory of Adamu Sakande by repealing Article 94(2)(a) with immediate effect.

Da Yie!