Labour consultant Austin Gamey is confident the current crisis at Standard Chartered Bank Plc in the wake of a decision to lay off some workers would soon be fully resolved.

The Group recently announced that as part of efforts at improving its financial position, a global restructuring move will result in about 15,000 workers losing their jobs.

But unlike layoffs in other multinational companies were low-level workers get axed, Standard Chartered Plc has so far seen some top line managers around the world including Ghana losing their jobs – a situation which has seen some of the workers seek legal redress in respect of their severance packages, among others.

Mr Gamey is, however, optimistic the Bank is better placed to expertly manage the current crisis.

"I think they are handling it well, maybe there might be some mishap that might have led to it, but every employer has the right to sever the relationship with its people if along the line people are aggrieved and they want something done about it," Mr Gamey said.      

He said it could be that the steps to be followed were not followed properly but he lauded how it has been handled so far by the bank so far and predict they will be out of the woods soon.