Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan is the founder and CEO of L'aine Services Limited

The founder and CEO of Ghana’s leading human resource consultancy L’aine Services Limited, has explained how she juggles her tight work schedule with family life.

Dr Mrs. Ellen Hagan said how well one can balance family and work is dependent on the choices they make.

In her case, she shares that when it comes to her responsibilities, she delegates and supervises others to take a part of the load.

She told Rev Erskine on the Y Leaderboard Series on Accra-based Y FM that, “Balancing work and family is like riding a bicycle. Balance is still about the choices we make. The good news is that the little choices we make can make a big impact. So, I delegate and supervise, and I rest.

“I love my sleep. God being so good, I have a supportive husband and family. For some of us, the choices we make in our life partners and spouses will make a lot of difference in the way our lives play out”.

Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan says having a balance of work and family is highly possible.

“Balance may mean different things for different people. But it boils down to how you manage the stress of fulfilling your responsibilities”.

Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan is a human resource practitioner with over 25 years’ experience.

She has represented the Ghana Employers’ Association (GEA) during International Labour Organization (ILO) conferences on numerous occasions.

She is also an Honorary Fellow of the Boardroom Institute of the Graduate School of Governance and Leadership.