Lamisi (Credit: Joseph Mayorr for Winfulera)

Singer-songwriter Lamisi is on a mission to educate people in the North about the importance of girl child education.

The ‘Brighter light’ artiste launched her initiative ‘The Northern Girl Experience’ to empower young girls and discourage them from submitting themselves to early child marriage.

In an interview with Joy Prime’s Ibrahim Ben-Bako, Lamisi said she is usually saddened to see young women in her region are given out for marriage when they have a much brighter future ahead of them.

“When this happens the young girls give up their dreams in life and end up serving the two or three wives of the husband since she is the youngest of the wives,” she stated.

The singer born Regina Lamisi Awiniman Anambilla Akuka said her mother inspired her to create the initiative.

According to Lamisi, her mother was a victim of child marriage but she escaped to the southern part of Ghana.

“The Northern Girl Experience will give me that platform to add my voice to the empowering of the girl child, show them the benefits of education not only formal but informal too (learning of trade, craft etc.) to help curb away the early child marriages happening there. “