Daughter of Special Prosecutor, Hagar Amidu.

A daughter of the Special Prosecutor has asked the MP for Bawku Central, Mahama Ayariga to leave her out of his legal issues with her father, Martin Amidu.

Mr. Ayariga on trial, charged by the Special Prosecutor for alleged procurement breaches.

He and six others are facing seven counts of conspiracy, abetment, contravention of the procedure for request for quotation, using public office for profit and transfer of foreign exchange from Ghana through an unauthorised dealer.

In an interview with Evans Mensah on PM Express on JoyNews on Tuesday evening, Mr. said despite his ongoing legal tussle with the Special Prosecutor, he does not have any issues with him or his family.

He went on to recount what he described as a recent trip he embarked on with Mr Amidu’s daughter, and how she sympathised with him concerning the ongoing court case.

But Hagar Amidu says Mahama Ayariga’s claim that he drove with her in his car to Bawku as they discussed the issue was untrue.

“I overheard him saying he is free with me and that he had a conversation with me on the matter. I’ve never ever sat in his car.”

“I’m not part of it…It’s none of my business…I’m not a Special Prosecutor. He should deal with the Special Prosecutor. I don’t even know whatever is happening so I don’t know why he should come out and talk about me and mention my name,” Hagar Amidu told Emefa Appau on JoyNews.

Hagar Amidu also denied having any engagements with Mr. Ayariga on “matters of his office”.

“I used to have a good relationship with him. I’m not fighting with him. This is between him and my father and that is their work. I’m not part. I’m not a politician. I want him to leave me alone,” she said.