The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences at the University of Ghana, Legon, Prof. Samuel Sefa-Dedeh, has promised “hell” for all “lazy” prospective students who would want to use fake certificates to gain admission to the premier university, saying the university will constantly publish the names of such students to expose them to public ridicule.

According to him, this has become necessary because current trends indicated that some students harbour the notion that even if they did not work hard to obtain good grades at senior secondary school level to propel them to university, they can scheme to gain admission into the universities with fake result slips without detection by university authority and admission section.

He stated blatantly that, that period was now over and that university authority has become very strict on admissions and had instituted investigative mechanisms to expose such unscrupulous prospective students.

Speaking at the 59th speech and prize giving day celebration of Ghana National College as an accomplished old student in Cape Coast on Saturday, Prof. Sefa-Dedeh said Legon has started publishing names of such fake students and added that it will intensify publications on fake certificate holders to serve as deterrent to others who have decided not to work hard but use such dubious means to gain access to the university.

He advised students to work hard and to enable them become responsible adults in future, saying, “if you choose not to study and be disobedient in school, you will lack discipline in life and life after school will be very challenging if you fail in your final exams.”

The headmaster of the college, Mr. Robert Koomson-Barnes, noted that the school continued to chalk great achievements in the newly introduced West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations but still lacked some basic utilities such as water, saying that “it is a matter of regret that during such period of water shortage, students have to stop classes to fetch water for the kitchen to enable the cooks to prepare their meals, and also after school fetch water for themselves.”

He expressed concern about incessant reports on cocaine and other drugs trade in the country to the extent of involving some legislators and called on all to combine efforts to nib the illicit trade in the bud to help forestall its associated crimes such as rape, armed robbery and truancy among students.

The Chairman of the Board of Governors of the college, Mr. Samuel Nuamah-Hagan, announced that, the board had directed the school to hold Founder’s Day celebrations in honour of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the founder of the school.

He said, lectures and exhibition of the scholarly works of Dr. Nkrumah would be mounted during the Founder’s Day where powerful speakers will address the people and students. Dr. Nkrumah is on record to have used his pocket money of Gold Coast 10 British Pound Sterling in 1948 to establish Ghana National College to enable eight students dismissed from St. Augustine’s College at that time for going on a protest march in solidarity with Nkrumah in detention, to get access to quality education.

Source: The Public Agenda


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