Most people argue movies are fictional and the writer’s imagination, however, you learn valuable lessons from them which go a long way to shape your life and how you live.

Such films are like the eclipse, they come once in a while and Jingles Jangle is one of such.

It is a story of a toymaker, Jeronicus Jangle whose apprentice, Gustafson betrayed him by stealing his book of inventions and his latest work, a talking robot (Diego).

Jeronicus Jangle, the great inventor and owner of Jangles and Things became a shadow of himself after this event.

Often people who are in a position to help the less privileged tend not to because they may be busy or just full of themselves.

Gustafson himself was an aspiring inventor. People never paid attention to his work, not even his master Jeronicus Jangle.

Many have lost their path in life due to this unfortunate situation. The gifts we receive are not for us and our families but the good of the multitude.

The last straw that broke the Camel’s back was the death of Jeronicus’ wife, Joanne. He lost his creative spark.

In life, a crisis may arise but it should not mark our end. How we respond and react will determine our survival rate.

A shop which was a delight of many became a pawnshop until the arrival of his granddaughter.

When Jenny and Edison fixed Buddy, his new work, he downplayed their efforts and the effectiveness of the machine.

Ms Johnston had to remind him to be positive again by telling him “I know about losing things, the magic is not in what you have lost, it is in what you still have.”

The year 2020 has been an interesting one. We’ve all lost something — jobs, relatives, relationships etc.

We’ve also had to deal with people who never saw our worth or were not ready to offer us the help needed for our growth.

Rise above and keep focus. Don’t turn into something you are not, based on these unpleasant experiences.