Let My Vote Count Alliance can picket at EC

A Circuit Court in Accra has said there is no longer a restraining order stopping the Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA) protesters from picketing at the Electoral Commission (EC) premises as planned on September 29, 2015.

The police had been arguing that the EC is a security zone and should remain inaccessible to the protesters for their picketing.

They went to court with an ex parte motion and secured a restraining order stopping the protesters from taking their campaign for a new voters' register to the EC.

A demonstration organised by LMVCA a fortnight ago led to violent clashes between the demonstrators and the police who beat up protesters, accusing them of violating laid down routes.

The protesters served notice their resolve was not broken despite the beatings and scheduled a second protest for September 29, 2015.

The organisers went to court Monday to set aside the restraining order obtained by the police earlier. 

But Justice Essandoh who presided over the case, said the order had elapsed.

He explained that the order was meant to last for ten days which elapsed today, September 28, 2015.

Justice Essandoh said if the police are so minded, they should come back to court with a fresh motion for another restraining order.

If the police wish to go back to court, they must do so this time on notice, that is, they must give the protesters an opportunity to oppose the motion of they so wish.

Under the circumstances, it would seem the LMVCA, has no legal impediment to their planned protest and picketing.

The first demonstration ended in violence with the police heavily criticised for their heavy-handedness in dealing with the protesters.

One person lost an eye and several others were injured as a result of the brutalities meted out to the protesters.

The demonstrators were therefore unable to submit their petition to the EC as planned.

Officers caught on camera lashing a protestor during the demonstration

With this ruling, the demonstrators can now picket at the premises of the EC and present their petition.