The Bishop of the Anglican diocese of Koforidua has admonished Ghanaians, to put to good use, their gifts and talents in helping government lead the way to positive development.

According to the Right Reverend Felix Odei Annancy, the ability to identify and make good use of talents is another way of impacting positively on the survival of the country.

Whilst praying for God’s direction on how to effectively manage the affairs of the country, Rt. Rev. Annancy charged Ghanaians to walk closely with the Lord.

Bishop Annancy was speaking at the St. Peter’s Anglican church in Koforidua to usher in the new year.

“God has a purpose for the nation and for the purpose to fulfil, he has given each and every one a gift and talent to use to build the nation so I want to urge all of us to use the gift and the talent that God has to us to help build the nation Ghana.

“When we read from the first letter of Peter 4 vs 10-11 Peter talks about the gift that God has given to us. If you are a teacher, use that gift God has given to you to teach. Use that gift very well.

“The Lord said he has engraved our names in his palms and he calls each and every one by our names. So he has given a unique gift and talent for a purpose,” he stated.

The Anglican priest called for peaceful coexistence between the citizenry as we aimed at building a better nation.

“In 2022, let bygones be bygones and use the gifts to build the nation. We can do it. God has been gracious to us so he wants us to come together and use the gift and talent to build the nation.

“I am urging you all to help the government build the nation. We should put all laziness and things that do not help us to build the nation, put them aside and ask for grace,” he said.

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