Chairman of Finance Committee in Parliament, Kwaku Kwarteng has charged Members of Parliament (MPs) to work with the Executive to develop the economy.

“This is a new Parliament, we must partner with the government in cutting costs and in raising revenue. Under no circumstance should we pretend that it is the job of just the Executive to cut costs.

My solemn appeal to my colleagues of this House this morning, as we consider this debate is that let us for the love of this country, let us for the concern we have for the economy of this country, let us approve this budget, let us approve the interventions of this budget and deal with the problem that has bedeviled our economy,” he said on the floor of the House on Tuesday.

He was contributing to the debate on the 2022 Budget. Mr. Kwarteng urged the House to cut its expenditure and procurement of calendars and cars which do not contribute to the growth of the economy.

He called on the MPs to lead by example and avoid blaming the Executive for the poor economic performance.

Later in an interview on Top Story, the Obuasi West MP noted that the counter-accusations by the Majority and the Minority is impeding the economic development of the country.

According to him, both parties must unite to address issues of economic growth.

He said there must be a political consensus moving forward and called for some reforms to the remunerations of MPs to cut down expenditure.

“I find it hard as we grow, to continue to indulge in this partisan analysis of our economy in a way that continues to impede our own ability to run ourselves and run our economy well.

I have come to a point where I no more enjoy the partisan exchanges, I have come to a point where I think that we owe it as a duty to our future generations, to be frank, and in that frankness, I think Parliament must lead the way,” he said.

Parliament formally commenced debate on the 2022 Budget presented by the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta on Tuesday. Deliberation on the ‘Agyenkwa’ budget is expected to end on Friday, November 26.

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