Redwood Planters Summit, a free conference for parents with primary and secondary school children, takes place on Saturday at the Fiesta Royale Hotel in Accra.

The Summit, organised by Redwood Universal will run from 9 am to 3 pm is sponsored by Stanbic Bank Ghana and Vodafone Ghana.

It is an event designed to bring parents together to focus on how they can inspire their children to discover their purpose, so they can fulfil their destiny. 

With parents leading increasingly busy lives balancing both work and family, the summit provides the opportunities to network with other parents to focus on parenting, share problems and discover best practice are rare. 

The Redwood Planters Summit provides this opportunity and in a relaxed and informal setting.

A panel of local and international experts will lead interactive sessions at the Summit on global trends in education and the resulting implications on both parenting and learning.

It will give effective tips and techniques to help parents support their children throughout the academic year, and feedback from children on where they need further support from their parents.

Attendance to the event is free and open to parents of primary and secondary school children. Spaces are limited, so parents who wish to attend, are required to register their attendance.

Interested persons can register on the company's website.