Lil Wayne returned to the stage Sunday at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for the finale of Drake’s Light Dream’s and Nightmares tour, stunning fans by joining Drake midway through their new single “Miss Me.”

“I’m fresh from my vacation,” Weezy said as the crowd erupted into absolute pandemonium. “I swear to god ain’t nothing, nothing, nothing like home.”

Rumors had been swirling all day that Lil Wayne — just two days out of prison — was in Vegas and planning on performing at the show. During opening sets by AJ Hernzy and Tyga the sold-out crowd repeatedly went into chants of “Weezy,” and erupted into cheers when his image appeared on the screens.

During Drake’s headlining set he recounted getting a phone call from Lil Wayne the previous day. “It was from a number I never seen in my life,” he said. “All I heard was [imitating Wayne’s voice], ‘Yo, I got a new number. It’s Weezy.’ I said, ‘Man, it’s great to hear your voice on a regular line.'”

Wearing a black hat, black jeans and no shirt, Lil Wayne finally ran onstage at 11:20 PM to a sea of hysterical fans holding cell-phone cameras. “I was gone till November, but don’t trip because I know you was gonna kill ’em,” Wayne rapped, slightly tweaking the lyrics to “Miss You.” “I’m back.”

He left after the one song and didn’t join the rest of the Cash Money crew for the finale, but nobody in the crowd seemed to mind as they continued their “Weezy” chant ever after the lights turned on.

Lil Wayne is reportedly now headed to Miami for a giant homecoming party, though he’ll have to be on good behavior. According to the terms of his release he’s not allowed to consume any alcohol for the next three years, and he’ll be subjected to random drug testing.

Source: CNN