Executive Director of the Centre for Transformational Leadership Africa says government must show commitment towards fighting corruption if it wants to completely eradicate the menace.

Samuel Ayim says corruption will be a thing of the past if our leaders make a conscious effort to fight it.

Speaking at the launch of the Centre's leadership conference, Live2Lead, he said until leaders change their hearts and mindset towards corruption, it can never be eliminated.

"With all our natural and human resources endowments, how do we explain the endemic poverty among the vast majority of our people while a few ‘create, loot and share’ the state coffers as if they are without a conscience?

"How do we explain treating our sick and vulnerable on bare concrete floors while our leaders fly abroad for medical treatment? How do we explain pregnant women being carried on chairs to cross flooded rivers to the nearest (or shall I say the farthest) medical centre and thereby losing their babies, just because we cannot construct simple bridges to facilitate transportation?" he questioned. 

Mr Ayim further charged Ghanaians to renew their minds towards making Ghana a better place than they met it.

"We need a new Ghanaian, a new Ghanaian leader, who is ready to stand for truth, honesty, hard work, humility, wise planning, common sense, self-discipline and generosity.

Mr Ayim said the country needs leaders who value the people enough to work to add value to them not to take advantage of them and deprive them of everything God has given to them, including their dignity. 

According to him, there is the need for a shift from the poverty mentality which he said is the cause of the greed and corruption that has so far characterised all levels of leadership, even in our churches.

Live2Lead 2018 will be broadcast live in Accra, on October 12, at the auditorium of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. 

The theme for this year’s Live2Lead is the SHIFT – Addressing the shifts that leaders need to embrace in order to be successful and make the necessary impact.

Live2Lead 2018 will be addressed by world-renowned and distinguished personalities including Carly Fiorina, Debra Searle, Daniel Pink, Tyler Perry, John Maxwell and our own Uncle Ebo Whyte.

The Centre hosted the 2017 Live2Lead which was a great success as judged by the positive feedback of participants.