Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has launched an unprecedented attack on Ukraine. The move comes after Putin ordered troops into two pro-Russian, breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine on Monday.

There have been multiple reports of explosions, bombings, and Russian Military vehicles entering Ukraine from various parts of the border with Russia, with a growing number of casualties being counted on both sides.

As a result of the attacks, there have been calls for the government to ensure the safe evacuation of Ghanaian students in Ukraine; hence, the topic for today’s discussion on Newsfile.

Samson Lardy Anyenini and his guests delved into issues pertaining to the suspended strike by the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG).

The Labour Division of the Accra High Court issued an injunction against UTAG, ordering the lecturers to suspend their industrial action and return to the negotiating table with the government.

This action prompted lecturers in the public universities to vote on whether to call off the strike, as demanded by the National Executive Committee (NEC). As of now, majority of lecturers are unwilling to return to the classrooms.

The contentious E-levy, which appears to be breaking leadership in Parliament, was also be discussed on today’s edition of Newsfile.