The Office of the Special Prosecutor is yet to welcome a Governing Board months after Kissi Agyebeng took office.

Section 5 and 6 of the Office of Special Prosecutor Act 2017 and Act 959 task the Board to formulate policies for the object of the Office, ensure proper and effective performance of the functions of the Office, advise the Special Prosecutor on the recruitment and selection of various staff among other duties.

But JoyNews sources say although the OSP has written multiple letters to the Presidency reminding it of the need to inaugurate the Board to ensure smooth operation of the Office, this has not been done.

However, the absence of the Board is not the only challenge facing the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

The other challenge is inadequate resources and the inability of the office to put contract workers on its payroll.

The OSP is said to have made a request for the approval of a GHS1 billion budget to set up the office, build a cyber security and forensic lab, cells to keep suspects and purchase other logistics.

But available information indicates that the Finance Ministry committed about GHC170 million out of which only GHC10 million have been released.

Join PM Express tonight as we discuss the resourcing of the Office of the Special Prosecutor while it works to fight corruption.