Single mothers rarely give up the dream of finding love and making a life with someone other than that of their baby father.

Occasionally everything just falls beautifully into place but most of the time, things dont work so smoothly. Sometimes the child seems to be the obstacle to finding a mate and it takes some strength to fight the temptation to hide the child when a potential man comes along. Screen goddess Vicky Zugah, has been a strong single mother who says “love me, love my child”.

Recounting her experience, she told Showbiz, “All this time as a mom, I was hoping to meet a lover who would embrace me and my child so we can go on to live ‘happily ever after’. 

“So I met this guy who was well-to-do and we started something. Everything was smooth to the extent that he wanted to go down the aisle with me. I was happy and began preparations only for him to come later and tell me that his family was not comfortable with him having a single mother as a partner. To me, that was bull***t so I told him I wouldn’t denounce or hide my daughter and if that is the case then we should go our separate ways.

“Anytime a man wants to have something to do with me, the first thing I do is to tell him about my daughter so I did the same thing to him and he was cool only for him to come later and give me that excuse. I could have agreed to take my daughter to live with my mother so I can enjoy my luxury but I didn’t and I told myself that he wasn’t my mister right”, she said.

Vicky said that seeing her daughter grow up healthy, intelligent and beautiful gives her satisfaction and a reason for living. “She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and I will not allow any man ruin our relationship,” she said.

There is a disconcerting myth about single mothers in our largely traditional society that they are wayward and irresponsible but according to Vicky, she cared less.“I made a mistake and so what, my life would not end because of that. I love my daughter and I find joy in her and I don’t care whatever society thinks,” she said.

Vicky acknowledged, however, that raising a child as a single mother for the past eleven years has been a very challenging situation. “It is tough because you have to be the provider, the comforter, the teacher and the disciplinarian all in one. This can be daunting because sometimes it seems that you are on a treadmill constantly going round and round”, she said.

Opening up for the first time about why she is not with her baby father, Vicky said she was not ready to relocate to New York to live there with him just as the guy was not ready to spend the rest of his life with her in Ghana. 

Vicky Zugah is from the Volta, born to Mr. Komla Zugah and Ms Beatrice Patu. She has three siblings of which she is the third. If she is not on set, then she is watching movies or reading.

She started acting about 10 years ago when she was recommended to a director. She has a large number of movies to her credit. Among them are Keeping the Promise, Twixted, The Bible, My Dearest Princess, Girls Connection, Stand by me, Agatha, Pretty Queen, The Bible, The Return of Beyonce, Tears of Womanhood, Pretty Queen, True Colours, Girls Connection, Big Girls Club, Araba Lawson, June 4th, Cross my Heart, and Total Exchange .

She has acted alongside other well-known actors such as Stella Damascus, Zack Orji, Muna Obikwe, Stephanie Okereke, Eucharia Anunobi, Peter Bruno, Jackie Appiah, Majid Michel, late Enebeli Elebua, Ramsey Nouah, Desmond Elliot, and Yvonne Nelson.